Concierge Massage/Body Treatments  Home Visit

  • Swedish: 110$/hour
  • Bamboo:+20$
  • Hot Stone:+15$
  • Deep:+10$

Concierge Massage/Body Treatment, is Lavender Ladder's signature service. This treatment encourages relaxation and builds relationships with clients, Traditional licensed professional therapy, Deep tissue, Swedish massage, Bamboo, Hot Stone,  Detoxing body treatments. Consider treating yourself. Lavender Ladder provides a five star spa service specialty just for you!



  • 30 Minute: 45$
  • 40 Minute: 55$
  • Add on: 35$

Whether it’s a service you have had or a new experience, traditional or modern, Reiki is a healing art form designed for deep relaxation for the client. specific to the client who seeks a peaceful and meaningful experience. Each Reiki service is unique to every visit your therapist holds a sacred space and allows energy to impact the body in its best method of relaxation through a series of hand placements over the body with a bit of  music provided by the therapist. Each Client will be honored and greeted with a blissful blanket of warm relaxation to serve the client in the best possible way. Find peace with a 30 to 40 minute Reiki service.  Time subject to each clients individual needs.



Indian Scalp Massage

  • 55$/40 min
  • Add on: 25$/20min

A lovely marriage of energy work, neck, scalp, shoulder and aromatherapy. Forty minutes of pure bliss, a great introduction for clients new to massage. This therapy is completed fully clothed, or a tank top is recommended. Seated in an upright position. Full of benefits for stress relief as well as total body relaxation. It is recommended to add oils into the scalp however, it can be completed without oil as well. This is a simple yet intentional therapy for everybody! 



oils List

Add On:10$
  • Citrus: Supporting Positivity (orange, grapefruit, citrus blend, lime, bergamot, neroli, and lemon)
  •  Floral: Supporting Relaxation (Joy blend, Sensation blend, peace and calming blend, lavender, geranium, jasmine, rose)
  • Spice: Supporting Circulation (cinnamon bark, peppermint, wintergreen, clove, oregano, black pepper, clary sage)
  • Woody: Supporting Body and overall wellness (Frankincense, cedarwood, eucalyptus, cypress, patchouli, tea tree, sandalwood blend)  



  • 120$/hour

From delicate to intentional each scent holds a frequency to help balance an individual. Additionally Lavender Ladder, can customize the right scent based on a specific request per therapy session. This is for individuals that want a little more out of their therapy experience. Specializing in therapeutic/organic grade essential oils.



Concierge Customized Skin Treatment

  • 125$/hour
  • 65$/30 min

Simple effective facial treatments! Customized for benefits best suiting seasonal or personal skin care needs treatments range from hydration to anti aging a non invasive approach naturally amazing skin care.  Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and mask are included in this organic experience full of insight and deep relaxation. I learned from the best and have been showing expert care for over seven years. Its your turn to be pampered in lush beautiful skin care!


coorporate Onsite Seated Chair Event

  • Minimum 4 hour event:100$/hour

Got a deadline to meet add massage to your office and see productivity soar by treating your employees to a 12 minute seated chair session. Worried about workmanship encourage well being and see the astonishing results!  Perhaps its a pay as you schedule, per employee, no matter how it works for your company, wellness initiative works for the working class. Chair events are scheduled on a monthly basis either a once and done contract is available or a discounted repeat service per month depending on your business' needs. The opportunities are multitudinous. A coffee and bagel option per morning contracts, afternoon contract try a wrap and tea lunch, or even a snack and relax, can be added to your chair massage service. Details discussed per account. Thank you for your consideration for this beneficial service.  


A night IN

  • Contact for pricing
Ever wish you could bring the spa day home with you? This service is phenomenal for special occasions! Therapist comes onsite to your home, hotel, or business event. A service fit with all the bells and whistles of a spa day for a group. It could be your own business wellness expo or a great night with friends! Designed for multiple services for multiple guests, by giving your event a special something. Stand out and make your event one to remember. Thank you for your consideration during your next celebration!